5 Tricks to Make Leg day Fun

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Leg day is loved by few, dreaded by many. The few that love arguably the hardest workout day of the week have shared some pointers that will help you not only get through leg day, but one day actually enjoy it! Here are the top 5 tricks to make leg fun:

5. Combining low-intensity, steady state (long, slow runs for example) and HIIT

on off days will help your conditioning and your ability to get through more and longer sets. By further pushing yourself on off days, you gain more from recovery times where less oxygen and blood are flowing, though it is critically needed for speedy recoveries.  (A common theme on this list is "do more").

4. Pacing yourself a bit better on the high volume sets will help as well.

Take an extra second between reps to keep yourself from gasping for air by the end, and take an extra 30 between sets to get your heart rate down a bit and ready for the next lift. By allowing yourself to recover, you can get more from your sets, and use better, more refined movement and breathing techniques that will further your progress in the long-term, and prevent injuries in the interim.

3. Take up Running

Running will not only increase your endurance which helps make those last reps easier, but it also loosens up, and strengthens your legs while allowing more blood and oxygen to circulate during lighter days.

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2. Consistently working the same exercises

allows you to challenge and break your PR, and track your progress. You can set yourself up to maintain or increase, depending on what cycle you are in, or what your fitness goals are. Consistency is one of the main things athletes and beginners are constantly working on, and doing the same workout and adjusting the number of reps and sets to your needs is one way to balance consistency and variation. If you are just starting off, creating a weekly routine is one of the best ways to get in the habit of working out regularly.

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1. Make leg day into leg days 

Simple enough, increase the time spent on strengthening your legs, and like magic, your legs become stronger, thus able to handle harder workouts. Yea this isn't a real tip, however it's important to push the limits of your workouts if you want to see results, and that means increasing the number of days you work out muscle groups you are targeting.


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